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Chinese horoscope for June 2017

The June solstice is a celebration in many countries and cultures around the world.

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Friday June 23rd: The Snake takes charge today. Will the Snake bring a sense of mystery on a Friday?


You already know how to find the answer. Something which you thought was quite complicated has only become so because of how you see the situation. If you can see things as they are, you realise it is quite simple. Do not feel that there needs to be a complicated answer. State the obvious.


You feel you don’t have anything else to say, yet others are asking questions on a matter which you thought was done and dusted. Whilst you’re feeling a bit exasperated, there’s no need to get hot and bothered. Simply let others know that they might need to go and ask somebody else for another point of view.


Are you about to rush into a situation? There might be good reasons to exercise some caution. Listen to what others are saying. When you’re not in such a rush you could see there are some things you might need to examine in a lot more detail. Slow down a little because it would save you time and effort later.


If you are wondering why something has not worked out as you had hoped by now, it will soon become apparent that there are good reasons for events to take a better direction. Sometimes not getting what you want is indeed a blessing in disguise. Since there are certain things you cannot change, a quiet acceptance will help prepare you for next week.


Ask yourself what you want to pursue. You notice other people are getting excited about chasing after something new. Whilst it certainly grabs your attention, you are wondering whether it would be right for you. Since you have your own hopes and dreams, do not feel you need to follow the crowd. Their dreams could be quite different from yours.


There is a part of you that likes to be prepared for the worst, yet things might not be quite so drastic. Also, be prepared for things to work out well, and do what you can. When you are ready to handle the good, bad and the indifferent, you have covered all the possibilities. Keep a positive outlook and be alert to what’s happening.


If somebody makes their achievements seem easy, you might see all their triumphant moments yet you might not be fully aware of the rocky road they have walked to get there. When you think about what you want to achieve, be prepared to keep persisting. There’s something quite rewarding about having to run along a tricky path.


Is it time to do a U-turn? You would rather not change your mind, yet it’s becoming apparent that it would not be a smart move to continue along the path you find yourself on. Are you concerned with what others might be thinking? If you need to turn around, do so because you know that it’s the right thing for you to do. Others are not walking on your path.


Be open to change, even if it’s instigated by others, because you know it would make things better for everybody. Whilst initially this might seem an encumbrance, when you examine the new arrangements in more detail you can notice that it would make certain things run a lot more smoothly.


If you want to get somebody to do something your way, as soon as possible, you know it pays dividends to ask very nicely. When it is your turn to give the orders, you can put yourself in the shoes of the person on the receiving end. If people feel they want to do something for you, they will do it a whole lot better.


If others don’t behave in the way you expect, there’s no need to fret. You can certainly point out what you would do in the situation, yet they still might choose to do things in their own way. If they don’t follow your good example don’t feel you need to persuade them to do as you would do. There could be something smart about the way they’re doing things.


Since there is a certain amount of tension in the air you need to find a way of cooling things down. You’re not in the mood to have a clash with others, yet there are those who are being rather confrontational. By choosing not to respond immediately to others’ quick-fire words you give everybody a chance to think about what has been said, and what you are going to say.